Locksmiths in Tulsa Feature Car Remote Replacements

by | Dec 21, 2017 | Locksmith

Car keys have gone high-tech, thanks to remote keyless entry. Many ignition keys feature a transponder that is designed to avert theft. Therefore, you cannot start the car if the key is not programmed properly. Key replacement systems also feature a fob with buttons to lock or unlock doors.

The Convenience of Using Keyless Entry

According to locksmiths in Tulsa, a remote keyless entry system can be exceptionally helpful with respect to convenience and security. The system enables you to lock or unlock your car door remotely by using a transmitter instead of a key. Any car owner can appreciate this type of feature, especially if he or she is leaving an office at night or is caught in a heavy rain.

While most new cars already operate with a remote keyless entry system, you need to check with locksmiths to have a system installed in an older car. This type of system can be a good addition if you want to enhance your auto’s features without buying a new car.

Single-Door and Multi-Door Systems

Not all remote keyless entry systems offer the same features. Therefore, you have to review the various amenities with locksmiths. For example, you can choose between a single-door or multi-door system. If you choose the single-door system, you can only access the car through the driver’s side door. On the other hand, a multi-door entry enables you to choose a door to access. While multi-door systems may be more convenient to use, the single-door system is more secure.

When speaking to a company such as Tulsa Mobile Locksmith, ask about standard model or pager entry systems. The standard model can only lock or unlock a car’s door or signal the alarm (if one exists) during an unauthorized access. A pager model has more features. The pager system conveys information between the transmitter and the vehicle and is typically equipped with a car locator button and panic button.

If you choose to install an alarm, the remote keyless entry system’s alarm will alert you when a door is forced open. The system can also be purchased with a panic alarm, which is triggered when the panic button is pressed. Click here for more details about the locksmiths in Tulsa.

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