Have a Plumber in Cedar Rapids, IA Video Inspect Your Drain

Ask any plumber in Cedar Rapids, IA about video camera line inspection and he or she will admit that such a camera is a worthwhile tool. The specially-made waterproof camera permits visual inspection of underground sewer lines and pipes without the need for excavation.

How a Camera Inspection Is Performed

When a plumber inspects a plumbing line, for instance, he or she inserts a rod affixed with a high-resolution video camera on the tip of it. The camera normally fits pipes from around two inches to 36 inches wide. Because the rod is flexible, the camera is able to travel through a pipe and even around a corner without difficulty.

In turn, a real-time video transmission enables the plumber to view the pipe fully and assess the condition or reason for a plumbing problem. All the images that are recorded can be saved permanently by plumbing companies such as Roto-Rooter Sewer & Drain Cleaning.

A Cost-Efficient Approach

In addition, during the camera inspection, radio transmitters record the physical location and depth of any obstruction or defect. As a result, the plumbing professional does not have to guess what the cause for a plumbing problem might be. Plumbing issues are resolved cost-efficiently and effectively.

When You Usually Need a Camera Inspection

Typically, a video camera assessment is suggested if you are experiencing continual drain backups or a clogged or slowed drain. You can also ask that a camera inspection be done if you are planning to purchase a home. That way you can avoid any expensive repairs after you move into your property.

In addition to checking for blockages or obstructions, cameras are used to find lost jewelry or other similar valuables. They have also been used to locate animals that became trapped or lost in a pipe. Needless to say, a video camera is an invaluable tool in the plumbing trade today.

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