Prevent Mold From Growing with Grain Storage Bins in Oregon

Grain is incredibly important when it comes to having a balanced diet. It can come in many different forms including corn and wheat. However, before the grain ever makes it to someone’s stomach, it has to go through a very thorough test to ensure that it is completely safe to be consumed. This is because when grain is improperly stored it can grow toxic mold. One of the most prevalent is called Aflatoxin. If this is detected in a farmer’s grains, then the entire batch has to be scrapped. Because of this, people need to find a way to store their grains in a way to avoid mold growth.

After the grain is harvested, there is a short window of time for it to be packed and stored before it starts growing mold. Farmers need to insure that where they store the grain is dry and has air circulation, as both of these make it hard for mold to grow. That is why Grain Storage Bins in Oregon are important. They keep the grain dry and leave room for air circulation. Molds are very damaging to the human body, and Aflatoxin, in particular, causes brain damage other maladies. That is why there are regulations on grain that is sold in the United States. If sample tests of the grain detect any level of Aflatoxin, the entire shipment must be destroyed, which can be devastating to any farmer’s bottom line and can cause a shortage of grains for some people.

When it comes to food, people want to know what it is that they are putting into their mouths. They want to know whether or not what they are eating is safe. If they get sick from a mold growing in the grain, then the responsibility falls on the farmer. Because of this, it makes sense that farmers will want to ensure their grain is mold free with grain storage bins in Oregon. This way everyone comes away happy at the end. Check Out Website to learn more about grain storage and what is best for decreasing the growth of certain molds in their grain crops.

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