Hobbs, New Mexico, Is Home to Tons of Top Medical Cannabis Opportunities

The United States has maintained strict psychoactive drug policing over the past 100-plus years. Although this treatment of drug users is unfair and has long, long ago proven not to work, the federal government has refused to lighten up on its handling of psychoactive drugs. Fortunately, however, for individual liberty, a total of 33 states, not to mention Washington, D.C., as well, making a total of 34 states and capital-level entities combined, have opened up state-wide markets for cannabis used for medical purposes, though growers and patients alike are required to adhere to objectively strict rules. New Mexico Cannabis norms, like all states, differs from the rest. Here’s what you need to know about cannabis in Hobbs, New Mexico.

How Long Has Cannabis in the Land of Enchantment Been Legal for Medical Use?

In 2007, the New Mexico Legislature prepared and passed up a new take on cannabis as used for medical purposes to now-former Governor Bill Richardson. Governor Richardson quickly signed Senate Bill 523 into being, which is also known as the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act. Soon after the bill was signed, medical-use cannabis was effectively kicked into action on the state level in New Mexico, including Hobbs.

What Status Does Recreational Cannabis Hold in New Mexico?

Unfortunately for supporters of individual liberty in New Mexico, cannabis has not been fully legalized for personal recreational use yet. However, earlier this year, Governor Lujan Grisham made New Mexico Cannabis decriminalized, at least for people found in possession of a maximum amount of 14 grams of dried cannabis flower.

This Is What Every Resident of New Mexico Should Know About Cannabis Used for Medicinal Purposes