What to Know Before You Sell Dental Practice in California

Somewhere in the world, a dentist has decided to sell the dental practice, perhaps either due to burnout, relocation, or retirement. When such a time comes, the dentist needs to examine a lot of things about the practice before actually putting the dental practice on the market. A dental practice broker helps dentists who want to either buy or sell dental practice in California. Here is information on some things dentists should do before they take the final step to sell their practice.

Things to Know Before Selling a Dental Practice

The smart and necessary step dentists should take before selling their practice is to consult with their financial advisor and assess whether they can actually afford to sell the practice. It may be that the market is not stable enough for the dentist to actually make a profit by selling the practice at that time. In the same vein, potential sellers of a dental practice should find out about their tax issues regarding the selling of their practice. This will depend on the type of corporation the practice falls under.

More Things to Know Before Selling a Dental Practice

If an associate dentist is part of the practice, the dentist who is selling should ensure that there is a legal agreement with that associate for a restrictive covenant in order to protect the value of the practice. The seller should also make any improvements to the practice that will enhance the aesthetic appeal of the practice, thereby making it more attractive to a buyer. The seller should also consider increasing the fee for seeing patients to come up to the percentile level of other like businesses in the area.

A Dental Broker to Help With Selling The Practice

When a dentist decides to sell the practice or buy a practice, it would be a good idea to work with a dental broker. Western Practice Sales is a dental broker that helps dentists on both sides of the transaction to complete a dental sale. If a dentist is wanting to sell dental practice in California, the broker is available, and offers more information on the website.