How Acupuncture Can Help a Couple Conceive with Intrauterine Inseminations

There are various reasons why a couple is unable to conceive a child naturally. From low mobility of sperm to ovaries that function abnormally, it can be difficult for a couple to conceive a child when there is a problem with their reproduction system. With today’s medical advances, there are alternative methods that can be used to increase a couple’s chance of having a child such as intrauterine inseminations. However, the intense stress the couple is under from the inability to conceive naturally can impact their ability to get pregnant with treatment. IUI in Seattle offers couples the opportunity to conceive in a relaxing environment and reduce the amount of stress they are under that can affect the successfulness of the technique.

IUI Treatment Treats the Whole Family

A clinic that offers IUI in Seattle uses a method to treat both partners when appropriate to improve their chances of conceiving a baby. The woman’s cervix acts as a wall to help keep bacteria, seminal fluid, and leukocytes from entering the woman’s body. With IUI, a fresh sample of sperm is washed to remove any immature or immotile sperm and leave behind strong sperm that is inserted close to the egg to improve the chances of fertilization. Before completing this process, if both parties are involved, they will be recommended a diet and herbal medicines that improve the health of the reproductive system. Acupuncture is used to help relieve the stress the couple is under and to promote blood flow to the reproductive organs.

Receive the Treatment and Support You Need to Successfully Conceive a Child

If you or your partner suffer from infertility problems, you should consider the holistic approach that Seattle Naturopathy and Acupuncture Center offers. They work with both partners to improve their chances of creating a child by using natural remedies. They offer the support and relaxing environment a couple requires to help relieve stress that contributes to their infertility problems.