What Legal Fee Does A Social Security Attorney Charge?

The legal fees and the conditions under which Social Security attorneys are paid are set by Federal law. A Social Security attorney in Oak Ridge does not charge any up-front fees nor does he or she demand a retainer, they are paid only when they win the case for the client. This arrangement is called contingency, it works as follows.

The agreement:

When you have decided to hire a Social Security lawyer to assist you when claiming SSDI or SSI, you and the attorney will enter into an agreement; the agreement in effect gives the Administration the authority to pay the attorney direct when your claim has been approved. The agreement will be reviewed by the SSA to ensure it meets the established guidelines.

What is the attorney’s fee?

A Social Security attorney in Oak Ridge is paid out the back pay that you are eventually awarded, the fee amounts to 25 percent of this amount, not to exceed $6,000. If you are not awarded benefits or you do not get any back pay then the attorney will not get paid although it must be said, this rarely happens.

There are no up-front costs associated with hiring a Social Security attorney. As the case progresses you may be asked to pay for photocopies, postage and other sundry items but they are nominal.

You actually will not pay the attorney; he or she will be paid directly by the SSA upon the successful conclusion of your case.

Back Pay:

Back pay is calculated once your case has been adjudicated in your favor. The amount is retroactive to the date the Administration decided to be the onset date of your disability.

The maximum legal fee is $6,000 or 25 percent of the back pay award. If you were awarded back pay of $12,000 for example, your Social Security attorney in Oak Ridge will receive 25 percent or $3,000. The balance of $9,000 is yours.

If you are claiming disability benefits it is definitely in your best interest to hire a Social Security attorney in Oak Ridge. To discuss your case you are invited to contact the Law Offices of Miller & Drozdowski, P.C. Follow us on google+.

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