How an Airport Car Rental in San Jose Can Enhance Your Trip

Traveling to Costa Rica is an incredible opportunity that comes with dozens of different experiences you’ll not want to miss. It frequently ranks as one of the best places in the world to visit for vacation. You will be close to incredible food, art, and culture, as well as beaches and sightseeing. As soon as your plane touches down, you’ll want to get off and running. However, if you haven’t set up your airport car rental, you could find yourself in something of a jam. Here is why.

Don’t Rent at the Airport

Many companies have set up shop in the airport, ostensibly to provide travelers with the easiest service. However, in truth, they know that you’re in a bind. If you’re in the airport trying to rent a car, you probably don’t have any other options, so you are going to pay more for a lower quality vehicle. If you do set up your car rental before you land, you’ll have a lot of options. One of these other rental services is probably going to be a little farther away from the airport. That’s why airport car rental in San Jose is so important.

Have It Driven to You

An airport car rental from a place further away from the airport requires someone to drive the car to you. Your only other option is to take a taxi to your car rental service, but that seems very wasteful. Some of the very best rental places will drive the car to you so that it is waiting for you as soon as you land. You can avoid the price-gouging at the airport rental companies and also get a bigger selection of cars.

Renting your car ahead of time allows you to choose the best car for your needs, and some of the best companies will even drive it out to you.

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