How to Stay Awake While Trucking Long Distances

by | Oct 6, 2016 | Transport

Almost every driver can tell you about the nightmares they suffer after falling asleep at the wheel. Fortunately for most, it’s only for a second or two and you manage to continue your journey after waking up properly and becoming fit to drive again. As you consider new or changing truck driving jobs, how can you stay awake at the wheel after driving for hour after hour?

Stop Becoming Exhausted

Your personal life can become tiring when you’re fighting with your family or loved one before you leave for work. Although it is easy to say that you should leave with a good mood, it’s important for your family to understand that your safety with driving jobs in NY is at stake and you must always leave them feeling pleased and ready for work.

Pushing your vehicle further means you will become too exhausted to be able to react quickly enough to potential dangers. It is always better to stop and take a rest well before you become exhausted. Taking frequent short sleep breaks can be beneficial for some people.

Going to bed a little earlier will stop you becoming exhausted and will allow you to stay fresh and alert when you start driving again.

Keep The Radio Off and Turn the Temperature Down

Although the radio, talk shows and music are part of a trucker’s life in NY, they can be exhausting for your mind. For some people they help you concentrate and for others they distract you because your mind listens to the sounds that are available and if your brain is working overtime deciphering arguments on a talk show, you may not be concentrating enough on the road. The aim, of course, is to stay relaxed and calm and let the miles pass you by.

Everyone has their own comfortable temperature, but setting the cabin temperature too high will make you sleepy. When the cabin is almost chilly at times, strangely, you will probably be more alert whilst you are driving.

Caffeine Is Not Always the Answer

Too much coffee and large portions of food in your driving jobs can make you sleepy. Your stomach will tell you your brain that is time to take a rest. Although you may be alert after drinking the coffee, there is a coming down period afterwards that makes you feel sleepy.

Truckers suggest that regular smaller meals during the day are better for your digestion and for your driving ability, compared to a couple of large meals which slow you down.

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