How Can You Find a Luxurious Experience at a Hair Salon in Plano, TX?

If you want to find a highly experienced hair stylist in Plano, TX, then there are a few factors to look for. The most important elements are the level of expertise of all workers, the atmosphere and the types of products used.


Evelyn Kershaw, a master hair stylist in Plano, TX, personally trains each employee to ensure that the level of service she strives to provide remains consistent. Platinum stylists are the masters who have the highest level of expertise. Bronze stylists are still under the mentorship of platinum stylists to develop their proficiency.


You should be able to receive a special haircut and/or hair style for a special event. Makeup professionals should work at the salon if you also want an expert to do your makeup.


They provide hair extension services, including maintenance of them. It requires specialized skill to correctly and safely apply extensions, so you shouldn’t go to an unlicensed hair stylist. Some licensed hair stylists also don’t follow the right procedures. Improper application can cause balding.


Their stylists can make suggestions on what styles would best flatter your facial features. Other available services include deep conditioning, relaxers, perms, Brazilian blowouts and keratin treatments.

Hair Coloring

A high-level hair stylist in Plano, TX, can color your hair in just about any style that you want, including highlights, low lights, Granny hair, unicorn hair, balayage and ombre. You can schedule appointments for retouches too. The salon should use coloring products like Kevin Murphy’s Color.Me and Andiamo for quality results. It’s possible to color your hair in 10 minutes with Andiamo if you’re looking for a quick option.

High-end hair stylists have gone through extensive training and use high-quality products in their work. A consistent procedure is another key factor to look for if you want a luxurious experience when you get your hair cut, colored or styled. Contact The Evelyn Kershaw Salon at