How Can You Score Free Food and Gifts While Living in a Student Apartment?

Going to college can be expensive–and if you’re living in a student apartment, you’re going to be paying rent every month on top of your tuition. Plus, that doesn’t account for the food and groceries you have to buy every week. How can you score free food while living in student apartments near the University of Wisconsin Madison?

How to Get Free Food While Living in a Student Apartment?

The trick is to follow your student apartment complex on Instagram. If you don’t have an Instagram, you’ll want to make one, because most student apartments offer free giveaways through social media. Typically, they’ll involve a snack like cookies or caramel apples. However, some giveaways offer free coffee or even a free pizza. You don’t have to spend any money–all you have to do is enter the giveaway.

The instructions can vary, but typically you’ll have to comment on the post and tag a roommate or two to be entered. Sometimes you’ll have to DM your entry to the Instagram account. If you’re selected, you’ll win free food delivered right to your door. And better yet, some giveaways offer large prizes like a free air fryer. You’re paying to be here, so why not take advantage of the free stuff when you get the chance?

The Lark at Kohl website offers more information about student apartments near University of Wisconsin Madison. Take a look at their social media profiles to see the events and giveaways that they offer during the semester.