How Social Security Attorneys In Missouri Help With Claims

In Missouri, disabled individuals receive benefits by filing an application through the Social Security Administration. These individuals have access to these benefits based on eligibility requirements. These requirements vary based on the type of Social Security benefits for which they are applying. A Social Security Attorney in Missouri helps these individuals navigate through the application process.

Applying for Supplement Security Income

For Supplemental Security Income, the individual must show proof of a mental or physical condition that stops them from ever working. These benefits are available for children and adults with qualifying disabilities. During the application process, the parents of the child or the adult applicant must provide evidence of all income sources. These income sources cannot exceed the highest qualifying income level.

Reviewing the Requirements for SSDI

Social Security Disability Insurance is available to applicants who had worked before they applied. These applicants receive benefits based on the total number of years in which they have worked. These individuals must complete the application process as those applying for SSI. They must show when the condition started and how it was produced. All applicants are sent to doctors working with the SSA to make a determination.

What to Do When the Claim is Denied

All applicants who are denied benefits have the option to file an appeal. The appeal’s process allows them to present their case to a judge during a formal hearing. In these cases, the judge makes a decision based on the information provided. There is a higher chance of approval if the applicant undergoes the appeal process. However, if they are denied, they must proceed to the next step and file a formal claim. For disabled individuals who sustained a work-related injury, this could equate to suing their former employer.

In Missouri, disabled individuals have two primary opportunities for acquiring benefits. These benefits are available to applicants based on a qualifying condition and income level. For some applicants, an attorney could help them avoid some of the red tape associated with these claims.

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