How Hand Dryers Work

It is common to find a hand dryer in any public restroom. They provide a quick, easy and environmentally friendly way in which you can dry your hands. People tend to prefer restroom hand dryers over paper towels because it is a more effective way to completely dry your hands.

As a bonus, it also helps save the environment. Using restroom hand dryers will significantly decrease the amount of paper that is used throughout the day in a public bathroom. The less paper that is used, the fewer trees they will have to cut down to make up for it.

Most restroom hand dryers function in a similar way. They suck in air, heat it up and blow it out onto your hands. The hot air helps to dry your hands more quickly than cool air or paper towels do. They can be turned on in one of two ways depending on the type of hand dryer that is begin used.

Infrared Sensor Hand Dryers

These hand dryers can be turned on by pressing a large button that is usually located on the front of the machine. Once the button is pressed, the timer will start, and the hand dryer will blow until the time runs out. This period is usually between 20-30 seconds.
If you need additional time, you can simply press the button again to add more time to dry your hands. For extra cleanliness, you can press the button with your sleeve or shoulder. This will allow you to avoid having to touch the same button that many people before you have already touched immediately after going to the bathroom.

Infrared Sensor Hand Dryers

The other type of activation method for hand dryers uses an infrared sensor to determine when you have your hands under it. When you hold your hands underneath the sensor, it will automatically start until your hands are removed. This will allow you to activate the hand dryer without ever touching it.

Restroom Hand Dryers

Hand dryers are very common to see in most public restrooms. They are very affordable compared to paper towels during heavy use throughout the year, which is just one of the many reasons why they are so popular to have among businesses.

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