How to Buy a Traffic Violation Bail Bond in Lakeland, Florida

If you need to buy traffic violation bail bonds in Lakeland, but you don’t have the money, don’t be dismayed. Today’s bondsman is a savvy, understanding agent who offers unique payment options and repayment plans.

Finance Your Bail Bond

Depending on the state, bail bonds cost about 10 percent of your full bail amount. The cost is a nonrefundable fee for the bond agent. The bond agent then signs a contract (bond) promising to pay the full amount of your bail should you fail to appear.

When you finance your bail bond, the bond agent or a third party extends a loan to cover the bond agent’s fee. You later pay back the loan according to a flexible schedule set by you and the person or company who gave you the loan.

Offer Collateral

Collateral is any property that the bond agent can liquidate if necessary to cover your bail cost in the event you miss your initial court date. Each bondsman has his or her own list of acceptable forms of collateral.

Generally, houses, boats, cars, jewelry and firearms qualify as acceptable forms of collateral. Depending on your bail amount, you may not even need to put up collateral at all.

Put It On Your Credit Card

Purchase traffic violation bail bonds in Lakeland using your credit card. The credit card company pays the bondsman, and you pay for the purchase over time as you pay down your card’s balance.

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