Ways Urgent Care EHR Software Can Benefit Providers and Patients

While most primary care physicians have already made the switch to using Electronic Health Records (EHRs), some urgent care facilities hesitate before making that commitment. Although EHRs are sometimes seen as a technological update that benefits doctors and hospitals more than other types of healthcare facilities, urgent care EHR software can definitely benefit both the patients and providers.

Simplifying Check-in Procedures

A patient’s check-in to the urgent care can be one of the most hectic parts of their visit, but fortunately, urgent care EHR software can simplify the process. With this software, providers can quickly and easily transfer patient forms and answers to questions to the patient’s chart. Time is saved without sacrificing time spent on the patient. One of the biggest benefits to having an EHR system in place is the ability to quickly check a patient’s insurance information to make sure that their coverage is still in place.

Using Multiple Forms of Computers

Although most providers utilize larger computers in their practice, urgent care facilities are used to operating in a frantic pace. The schedule of an urgent care facility typically means that providers are using multiple forms of technology, such as iPads. Fortunately, EHRs can be configured to work with a variety of technology.

Eases the Check-out Process

With an EHR, placing the diagnosis into the computer is easy to do. Accepting payments is also part of the process that is greatly simplified thanks to the use of an EHR.

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