How To Choose A Carbide Grinding Company

by | Feb 20, 2018 | Tool Grinding Service

Not all companies that provide grinding services also offer carbide grinding. In fact, many shops specifically stay away from carbide grinding due to the complexities and challenges of working with the material.

With that being noted, there are some exceptional carbide grinding companies that are available for small volume orders or large, ongoing production runs. Choosing the right carbide grinding company, as with any contract provider, should be done after doing research on the various shops offering the service.

Experience in Carbide Grinding

Sometimes websites can be more than a bit misleading or purposefully vague about the actual experience a company may have in carbide grinding. A top carbide grinding company will provide specific information about the equipment they have to complete the grinding process, the types of precision grinding they offer and their years in the industry.

With new technology and equipment, carbide grinding is less troublesome than with the older systems. However, equipment and technology still have to be paired with actual real-world experience in the carbide grinding process.

Understanding of the Industry

Carbide is used in a number of different applications from aerospace to automotive as well as in components and parts for equipment and machines. When choosing a carbide grinding company, it is highly recommended to ask specifically about their experience in finishing parts for your industry.

This will be very important when tight tolerances and industry standards have to be maintained through the process. These companies will be able to use CNC grinding technology to meet the required standards. They will also be familiar with those standards, which has obvious benefits for your business.

It is also a good idea to talk to the company about their options in grinding capabilities. This will allow you to work with the company to determine the superior grinding process that also works for your budget.

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