Requirements For Efficient OD Grinding

by | Jan 29, 2018 | Tool Grinding Service

Conventional is a term often used to describe various grinding processes. Ranking high in this particular status is the very conventional outer dimension or OD grinding. This form of material reduction focuses on the surface. It is extremely popular when the demand is for precise work.

Outer Dimension Grinding: Operational Process

OD grinders operate similarly to many turning centers. In both types, the cutting/removal of metal involves two axes. These are:

  1. Axis X
  2. Axis Z

OD grinders operate according to the basics of all grinding tools. He or she– sometimes using CNC technology, brings the abrasive agent – the rotating wheel, into controlled contact with the surface of the workpiece. A binder contains the abrasive grains that comprise the wheel. These perform as accurately as a cutting tool. They swiftly and accurately remove small – even microscopic chips from the surface of the workpiece. The wheel may feature a built-in geometric profile. Following either dressing or truing, it then can impart the specific profile to the surface of the workpiece.

How to Produce Efficient OD Grinding

When considering the best machine or method to produce efficient outer dimension grinding, grinders have to look at various aspects. These include the following:

  • Abrasive Components: These must be harder than the surface of the workpiece undergoing grinding
  • Abrasive Wheels: They must be resistant to both shock and abrasive
  • Controlled Fracturing: All abrasive involved in the process of grinding must be friable

These should influence everything from choice of equipment to technique.

OD Grinding

When it comes to certain types of work, the only choice is grinding. While hard turning may suffice for some instances, it cannot replace the finishes and results of many types of grinding. ID grinding addresses the interior of a workpiece. However, when it comes to removing all extraneous material from the exterior surface, the optimal choice is OD grinding.

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