How to Choose a Reliable Fall Protection Harness

Owning an industrial company means having a broader responsibility, not only for the money invested and entrusted to you but most importantly for your manual labor employees that put their lives on the line. It is therefore imperative that you provide them only the best fall protection harness.

Wearing a harness is basic protocol in construction safety. On the other hand, according to some safety operations directors, workers sometimes refuse to use one if putting it on is complicated or if it is not adjustable and uncomfortable. To save your time, money and of course the lives of your men, you should give extra time and careful attention to comparing and contrasting harnesses before bulk-buying. Here are some very essential considerations on choosing the most reliable fall protection harness.

Does It Meet Basic Safety Standards?

As consumers, you have the right to probe into the quality of the product you plan on purchasing by throwing very important questions and asking for proof from the manufacturer. Ideally, you should prefer a company that is ANSI-certified, registered with ISO 9001, or affiliated with any of the following:

* OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)
* AWRF (Associated Wire Rope Fabricators)
* WSTDA (Web Sling & Tie Down Association)
* BBB (Better Business Bureau)
* ANSI (American National Standards Institute

Does the Company Selling the Fall Protection Harness Have a Professional Testing Facility?

Buying a harness is a huge responsibility, so make sure to check if your prospective company houses a decent testing facility wherein testing criteria and procedure strictly abide by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the Application Programming Interface (API) and OSHA standards.

Does It Provide Product Warranty and Support?

A good company should be able to offer inspection and repair, proof testing, seminars on safety, as well as hands-on services on-site.

No business can run without manpower, and it is thus only fitting that you make the health and safety of your workers number one on your priority list. You can start by providing each and every one of them with a comfortable and durable fall protection harness. In this small yet significant way, you are securing both your business and the well-being of your personnel.

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