Multi Axis Milling Defined and the Benefits Afforded

What is Multi Axis Machining?

Multi axis milling is technologically advanced manufacturing process. It is a process in which computer tools controlled numerically move in four or higher ways and are utilized to construct parts out of stainless steel, metal, or other materials. This process is done by milling away the excess unwanted material. Other procedures can also remove the extra material with a water jet cut or laser cutting. Multi axis machines can support rotation around one axis or even up to multiple axes. The number of axes for multi axis machines can vary from one to four to nine.

What are the Benefits of Multi Axis Machining?

Multi axis type of machines offer several benefits over other tools. Primarily, multi axis machines can save a company or industry a lot of money because the amount of labor by employees is reduced. Human labor is reduced because 5-axis centers for milling are equipped with tool changers and automatic part feeders. These features allow what is a time consuming task to be completed without operator supervision, thus minimizing the need of human labor and resulting in saved money. Also, it benefits a company’s manufactured products. This is due to the fact that multi axis machines can manufacture more complex and detail specific parts, especially parts with curved holes.

Multi axis machinery enables manufacturers to produce complex and difficult shapes and products. When the product is close to being completed, finish machining capabilities include a variety of services such as deburring, grinding, and polishing. Multi axis milling is incredibly beneficial as it can be done to an array of materials such as steel, aluminum, brass, nickel, rubber polymers, plastics, composites, ceramics, graphite, and of course metals.

Industries such as the medical field, aerospace and defense field all utilize manufacturers that use multi axis milling to develop their product. These industries trust manufacturers to understand the complexity of the design needed and to manufacture the product to perfection. These products come with great importance as for example they can be medical instruments that will carry a purpose in difficult medical or surgical procedures. Multi axis milling is not only beneficial but also a necessity for certain products to be manufactured.

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