How to Choose Ag Wheels in Minneapolis

With so many residents of this country living in cities and unable to grow their own food, both large- and small-scale farmers play incredibly important roles in sustaining societies across the nation. To do this valuable work, farmers need equipment that will always function at peak efficiency. When it comes to tractors, farm trucks, trailers, and other mobile equipment, that means having the right Ag Wheels in Minneapolis.

There are a few things farmers need to know to find the right tires for their equipment. Ag wheels are identified using a numbering system similar to that used for passenger vehicles. The first number in the identification series identifies the nominal cross section of the tire in inches. This number will be followed by either a dash or the letter “R.” The dash indicates that it is a bias ply tire, while an R indicates a radial design. The next number in the series is the tire’s rim diameter, also measured in inches. So, for example, a tire that reads 18.4R38 has a nominal cross section of 18.4 inches, employs radial construction, and is intended to fit a wheel that is 38 inches in diameter. Some tires also have a speed rating and a load index number indicated on the label. These will follow the basic measurements.

Tractor Ag Wheels in Minneapolis are almost always R-1 rated. This is the preferred tire type for any dry land farming application. R-1W Ag tires are also available through some retailers. These tires have more tread depth than a normal R-1 tire and are suitable for wetter soil conditions. Although their use is very rare in this country, R-2 Ag tires have double the depth of R-1 tires, allowing them to be used in seriously wet or muddy conditions. R-3 tires are also known as turf tires and are perfect for gravel, sand, and snow.

These days, almost all tires are radial tires, but bias ply tires still have their uses in farming applications. They are usually less expensive and often have more durable sidewalls than radial tires, making them better at navigating rocky ground, stumps, or other potentially damaging areas. Need to buy new ag tires? Check out to find one distributor that carries only the best brands.

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