Many homeowners are looking for a home that will make them standout from their neighbors, and brick homes are usually the best way to accomplish that. New homes construction in Brick, NJ area has become a much more frequent occurrence in recent years so there are quite a few options available! However, homeowners should keep a few things in mind for their new brick home regardless of if they are purchasing a pre-built home or having their built from scratch.

Check the Insulation
Brick homes have a reputation for being strong and long lasting against the elements, but that doesn’t mean the elements are completely blocked from coming inside. Older brick homes usually have a gap between the interior and exterior brick walls for insulation, but it doesn’t always work to keep the inside at a comfortable temperature. The insulation for new home construction homes should be designed to avoid such problems, but it’s still a good idea for potential homeowners to check their brick homes for any weaknesses in the insulation.

It’s Not 100% Brick
Most brick homes today are built with the exterior wall being full made of brick and the interior walls made of wood. It’s called brick veneer and the brick, in a sense, acts like siding. While there are homes out there, where both interior and exterior walls are brick, the home isn’t going to be 100% made of brick. In those homes, the non-brick structural elements are there to ensure the home’s stability as it ages and to provide added support in the home’s foundation.

Understand Upkeep
Well-constructed brick homes are designed to stand the test of time, but they do require homeowners to help. This mostly requires keeping an eye out for wear and tear, like mortar falling out or movement in the bricks. The non-brick elements, like metal lintels around windows, can also wear down and need to be repaired or replaced if they begin to corrode. Potential brick homeowners should be aware of their responsibilities in maintaining a brick home and should keep in mind that the upkeep doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be expensive or always require a professional.