How To Design A Sheriff Uniform For Any Location

Many sheriff’s departments have been wearing the same uniforms for decades. This usually mean buying from the same company and selecting from the same limited choices in shirts, pants and accessories.

However, your current sheriff uniform may be easy to upgrade to something that is friendlier for your staff and for the specific environmental conditions where you work. To keep it in perspective, the summer and winter uniforms of a Sheriff or a Deputy in Montana are going to be very different from the same law enforcement group in Texas or Florida.

As a general rule, the standard and typical sheriff uniform tends to include the khaki, brown and olive green colors in both trousers and shirts. However, this is not to say that black or gray may not be used, it is just not as common. Typically, the Sheriff will not use blue, that is most often reserved for police forces.

Summer and Winter Options

When upgrading or moving to a newer and more modern look in a uniform any sheriff’s office needs to consider both summer and winter options. Generally, short sleeved dress shirt styles are considered appropriate for summer wear. Some departments are also moving to the specialized polo shirts that provide the ultimate in a breathable fabric that is still durable, strong and long-lasting.

Winter shirts are typically long sleeved and have a standard reinforced collar with the necessary pockets and tabs to accommodate microphones and radio wires. They are similar to the short sleeved summer shirts and offer a sizing to allow officers to comfortably wear a vest.

Although most departments will opt for year round trousers or pants for both male and female officers, there is an increasing move for both police and sheriffs to move to shorts. This is particularly important in urban areas where deputies may patrol on bikes, beaches or other types of areas on foot.

Different Considerations

Every sheriff uniform will have a different impact on how the community views officers. Taking the time to consider the professional look that is important and then finding a uniform style that incorporates that look with the comfort and practicality needed by the deputies will be critical.

There is no one uniform that is perfect for all applications and for all departments. Taking the time to consider options and to consult with officers and the community can help in finding the best possible assortment of uniforms.

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