Preparing Items For Commercial Waste Recycling Service

When someone works in a warehouse, there is usually refuse that will need to be properly disposed of as a result of work done in the establishment. There are several steps employees can take to ensure that material is collected properly and disposed of with recycling rather than other refuse. Here are some tips one can use when working in a warehouse to ensure recyclable materials are handled properly.

Call A Recycling Service

If a refuse service does not offer recycling service, it is a good idea to switch companies. A Commercial Waste Recycling Service will take any recyclable materials away from the property in a separate container from regular waste. This is good for the environment and will free up a lot of space standard refuse containers for waste collection.

Provide Bins In Your Warehouse

In addition to collection bins kept outdoors, it is a good idea to have several enclosures available for employees to throw refuse while in the warehouse. These can be brought to the exterior of the building and placed in the appropriate waste receptacles after trash accumulates. Make sure the bins are labeled appropriately so employees are aware of where they should place recyclables when doing their jobs.

Give Incentives For Collection

A great way to get employees involved in a recycling program is to offer incentives to those who make sure recyclables are separated from other trash. Give employees discount tickets for a special event in the area after a collection bin is filled. Each employee can keep track of the volume of recycled materials they were responsible for via how many bins they had filled on their own. The person with the most bins collected each week can then receive a suitable prize from management for their help in participating in the program.

If the warehouse owner is interested in having Commercial Waste Recycling Service started at their establishment, they will want to give a call to a reliable business to handle the task. Take a look at or check out their Google+ page to find out more about the services they offer.

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