Workplace diversity contributes to company success. Working with a diverse group of people expands boundaries, results in different ideas and creates creativity and innovation, Inc. says. If you want to leverage this competitive advantage to make your teams work better, here are easy ways to pull it off.

Encourage constant communication

It all starts with dialogue. Open and constant communication with your employees is key. Reach out to your staff. Find out what they think. Talk to them. That’s the best way to know what their goals are, what their strengths and weaknesses are, so you know where they could deliver an even bigger difference and impact in the company.

Offer diversity training

Provide your team with workshops on diversity and unconscious bias. An excellent diversity training program will ensure your employees embrace diversity and that they find out what unconscious biases may be compromising collaboration efforts at work.

Take a stand against inappropriate behavior

Walk the talk. Attending a diversity training program isn’t enough. You need to change your HR policies to reflect your support for a diverse workplace. For instance, if anyone is a victim of racism or bullying, they must know they can report that to your Human Resource Department and expect the appropriate action to be taken. If employee behavior isn’t reprimanded and corrected at work, that sends the wrong message.

Look beyond skin and gender

You’ll need to change hiring policies and standards to encourage diversity at work. Hiring people who tend to be in the same mold as you only means you’re surrounding yourself with people who have the same belief systems, background and culture. That’s not going to drive innovation. When you have a group of people who think alike, you only end up with the same ideas, effectively killing innovation and creativity at work. If you want success, start improving diversity in your company.