Buying New Tires – The Value of Wheel Alignment in San Antonio

It is not hard to tell when your car needs a new set of tires and there are many good reasons to invest in tires. Your car will ride better and will be much safer to drive. However, many tire professionals recommend you check the wheel alignment in San Antonio, too. Is this really necessary? Here are some of the reasons you should have your front end checked when you purchase new tires and wheels.

What is Wheel Alignment in San Antonio?

Your tires and wheels need to be properly aligned with your car’s suspension. There are three types of angles which make an alignment:

 * Caster – alignment between driver and vehicle front

 * Camber – Angle from tire to vehicle

 * Toe – whether tires angle inward or outward when seen from above car

Signs of Suspension Issues

Do you see any signs of uneven tread wear on the old tires? For example, you might notice one side of a tread worn much more than the other side. This is commonly caused by improper wheel alignment in San Antonio.

Does your car make a squealing sound when you turn sharp corners? Maybe you feel a vibration in your steering wheel or the wheel does not seem to respond as quickly as it should. These are signs your car may need a suspension aligning.

Why Align the Suspension?

A properly aligned suspension gives you maximum performance. Your tires will last longer, and you will have a safer vehicle. Your tire professionals check your alignment, balance tires, and correct any problems. This could mean replacing worn suspension parts or re-aligning the suspension. The best shops in San Antonio give you an excellent warranty with your tires and suspension work. Any time you have tire or vehicle issues, you can depend on them for great service and advice.