How To Find Qualified Lincoln Park Chiropractors

by | Jan 5, 2016 | Health

Most people would love to find a nontraditional method of treating pain and other ailments. However, it can sometimes be difficult to find a chiropractor, especially if you’re not familiar with their services or where they’re located. The best option at your disposal is to ask for a referral from your primary doctor, but many times, they do not want you to seek treatment elsewhere. If you are adamant, they may give you the name of someone, but otherwise, you’ll have to do the research yourself.


Many times, people think that Lincoln Park chiropractors are all the same. However, you wouldn’t go to a podiatrist for a problem with your heart or a heart specialist for a problem with your foot. Just as there are differences among experts, there are differences among chiropractic care options. Visiting one office may give you recommendations that are different from another, so you may want to visit two or three for initial treatment to determine which one is best for you.

There are over 100 different chiropractic methods, which can all vary in the way they assess and treat. Some will use X-rays or ultrasound while others will use touch points or spinal motion. The chiropractor you choose may also incorporate many methods into their practice, allowing them to adapt any treatment to any patient or problem. If you are seeking such a person, you’ll want to look for those who use Integrated or Diversified techniques.

Questions To Ask

Lincoln Park chiropractors should be able and willing to answer any question or concern you have. Make sure to ask them many questions about their techniques and practice. The obvious questions can include:

  *  How long they’ve been in business
  *  What techniques/methods they use
  *  What services are offered (such as physiotherapy)

Other questions may include whether or not they will work with your general practitioner if they’ll refer you to a specialist when necessary and their goals for care. In most cases, a first visit is where you provide your medical history and be assessed, but you should also expect the first treatment if you can both agree. You should also ask about continued care options because you shouldn’t need their care for the rest of your life or an extended period, unless you’ve had a severe injury.


More and more insurance companies are offering to pay for chiropractic care. If yours does, you will need to visit an approved chiropractor and can save a lot of money. Otherwise, you’ll want to find out about charges.

Lincoln Park chiropractors can use various techniques, so make sure to ask a lot of questions. Visit Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Injury Centers today to learn more or just click here.

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