Popular Styles For A Diamond Bracelet

One of the best things about investing in a quality diamond bracelet is that it is a piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime and will never go out of style. With so many options in types or categories of these bracelets, they are something that you can give over and over again, and they can be mixed and matched and worn together.

There are several popular styles of diamond bracelet designs that are classic and always a good gift option. They also make a perfect gift for yourself, and one that is often much more affordable than you may initially thin,

Tennis Bracelets

Tennis bracelets were actually made popular because of tennis player Chris Evert. During a match in the U.S Open in 1987, her diamond bracelet, which up to then had been known as an in-line style, broke on the court. She actually stopped playing and had help to collect the diamonds, giving this particular style of diamond bracelet the everlasting name of the “tennis bracelet”.

This is a very light bracelet where each diamond is linked to the next in a minimal type of link setting. It is not uncommon for the diamonds to also include colored diamonds or other types of gemstones in alternating patterns.


A bangle diamond bracelet is a perfect addition to any jewelry collection for day or evening wear. It is a solid, narrow band type of bracelet typically with a channel setting holding the diamonds. There can also be diamonds inset around the bracelet, and they too can be alternated with different colored diamonds or gemstones.

Bangle bracelets can be stacked and combined with other types of bracelets for a rich and elegant look that matches with any type of wardrobe style.


A cuff diamond bracelet is wider and tends to slip over the wrist rather than slide over the hand like a bangle. They often have ornate and elaborate designs and can feature inset diamonds or other gemstones to create the pattern.

These are also a great addition as a classic style of bracelet. They are large enough to wear with a suit for a striking look, but they are also elegant enough to dazzle with an evening gown.


There are many different diamond bracelet designs that are made by connecting links. These can be any shape and can interlock or simply run continually around the bracelet.

As they are flexible and not solid, they are very comfortable to wear and can be paired with a bangle or cuff diamond bracelet for a great looking combination.

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