How To Hire A Contractor For Air Conditioning Service In Dallas, TX

Your HVAC system is the heart of your home. It is what ensures your family is comfortable all year round, and helps keep the air in your home safe for your entire family to breathe. It is important that you keep your system running smoothly to ensure your chances of dealing with a system outage are limited. In order to keep your HVAC unit running properly, it is important that you locate a contractor for heating and Air Conditioning Service in Dallas, TX. They can perform regular inspections of your system and look for potential problems before they arise. Here are a few tips to ensure you hire a contractor you can trust to handle all of your heating and cooling maintenance needs.


One of the first things you should verify is that the contractor you hire has experience working with your specific brand of heating and cooling system. While you may think all units are alike, there can be great differences between brands. Talk to the contractor you hire about their knowledge of your brand, and ask about any certifications they may have that can make them a better candidate for the job.

Parts and Labor Warranty

The company you hire for heating and Air Conditioning Service in Dallas, TX should provide a full warranty on the labor and parts that are used to fix your system. The warranty may vary by contractor, but most labor should be covered for at least 6 months, and parts should have a warranty that spans one year or beyond. Make sure you get warranty details in writing before paying any open invoices.

Maintenance Contracts

Ask the company you want to hire if they provide maintenance contracts. This option allows you to pay up front for twice yearly services, and can make you eligible for parts and labor discounts in the future. Make your HVAC system unit maintenance easier to budget by talking to your contractor about starting a maintenance contract for all of your heating and cooling systems.

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