How to Know When Your Child Needs Emergency Pediatric Care in Summerville

As the parent of a young child, it’s especially important to be able to recognize health emergencies as soon as they arise. Unfortunately, the signs that a child may be in distress are different from the signs of an adult who is experiencing a medical emergency. For that reason, you should learn more about the signs that your child may need pediatric emergency care in Summerville, SC.

Watch For a Fever

If your child is less than two months of age, any rise in temperature should prompt an emergency visit with their pediatrician. With children who are a little older, you should call your pediatrician as soon as you observe a fever. They may recommend bringing them in for an exam, or they may just instruct you on strategies for bringing down the fever.

Be Wary of Seizures

Epilepsy and other conditions that result in seizures often manifest when children are young. While a violent spasm of the arms and legs represents one type of seizure, some seizures are less noticeable. One example is a condition in which the child stares blankly ahead and develops rigid limbs. Any type of seizure should prompt an emergency visit to the child’s doctor.

Severe Injuries

Your child will need pediatric emergency care in Summerville, SC, anytime they suffer from a severe injury or condition. This can include a severe skin rash or sunburn as well as serious third-degree burns. Injuries in which the skin is broken and bleeding is profuse also require immediate care. Even if the skin isn’t broken, indications that the child has broken or fractured a bone will also require emergency care.

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