Moving into Clemson Student Housing Off Campus as a Non-trad Student

Non-traditional college students typically experience unique challenges that traditional students fail to appreciate. For example, if you are married and have a child, you may need more living space than what any on-campus accommodation can provide. You need a place to live in that can serve as a safe and practical space for you, your spouse and child.

Instead of trying to fit into a single room on campus, you can rent a place that is near campus but also designed for non-trads like you. You can benefit from moving into Clemson student housing off campus this year.

Family Living Space

Despite being a full-time college student, you also may be a spouse and parent. When you are not in class, you must contend with the expectations of you to take care of your family.

When you live in an apartment near campus, you can get the space needed to live with your family. However, you are also close enough to the university to go to classes on time, take part in labs and study for tests. You do not have to sacrifice your family or time as a student because you lack a satisfactory place to live as a non-traditional student.

You can find out more about the accommodations that Clemson student housing off campus can offer you this coming year. To get an idea of what units are available, you can contact The Reserve at Clemson.