A correctly maintained AC system will cool the house for years. It is simple to do, it just takes a bit of time, and by maintaining your AC you will not need to be concerned the next time a heat wave comes through. Here is how to ensure your air conditioner in Palatine does not let you down.

Maintain Your Unit’s Filters

Unplug your AC then remove its front cover. The filter itself might be connected with the front or the back cover or fastened in front of its coils. Remove its filter then wash it in warm water and soap. Squeeze as much water out as you can and allow the filter to dry prior to reinstalling it. Replace a torn or damaged filter.

Wipe the cover and grill over its evaporator coils.

Gently vacuum the evaporator coils and grill. The aluminum fins upon the coils can easily be bent; therefore, treat them with care.

Flush and clean drainage system.

Remove the drain tube from the AC.

Clear all blockages inside the drain tube by running some wire or bottlebrush through the tube.

Clean it by pouring one cup of water and chlorine bleach through the tube.

Other Considerations

Turn the AC down if you’re going out of the room for one or more days. It’ll give the fan inside the unit a break and as an extra bonus, save on the utility bill.

Make sure the seams all around the AC are well sealed.

Keeping the AC’s fins, coils, and filters clean ensures that it efficiently operates. An improperly maintained AC not only loses efficiency, but will cost more to run. Contact Five Star Heating & Air, Inc to schedule your appointment for air conditioner repair or maintenance.