Why Asphalt Paving Services in Solon, OH are Important

Most people have never given much thought to asphalt despite the fact that it’s practically everywhere we go. Perhaps the only time that any thought is given to it is when someone hits a pothole while driving. So what exactly is asphalt and how does it work? Why is it so important?

Asphalt makes roads drive-able, sidewalks walk-able, and bike paths ride-able. Asphalt is a mixture of aggregates (such as rocks, sand or gravel) and binders which are used to bind the materials together. While asphalt is mainly seen on roads, it is also used in sports arenas, playgrounds, tennis courts, airport runways and even flooring in some construction sites.

There are many asphalt paving services in Solon, OH that provides laying new asphalt or repairing existing asphalt. One such company, Advanced Asphalt Paving, Inc., specializes in commercial paving in areas such as parking lots. They not only install new asphalt surfaces but also patch existing asphalt that may have deteriorated due to potholes or cracks.

This company also provides a service called Infrared Asphalt Patching which is less time consuming and therefore less expensive than replacing the existing asphalt. In the infrared repair, the problem areas of asphalt are heated to high temperatures and then are actually recycled and then placed back in the original location.

Asphalt paving services in Solon, OH also provide a service referred to as seal coating. In this process, a protective barrier is placed on top of the asphalt within the first year after its installation. This ensures that the asphalt has a good seal and will prevent it from cracking and breaking apart. It is recommended that this process be repeated every few years to help to maintain the integrity of the asphalt. Providing this routine maintenance will lengthen the life of the asphalt and lessen the amount of money that will spent in repairs down the road.

Asphalt roads help to keep drivers safe by providing a smooth and durable surface that repels water and helps it to drain away from the main driving areas. So while asphalt paving isn’t something that you might think about every day, it’s clear to see that it’s importance is pretty widespread.

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