How to Prepare for Your Infant’s Hospital Stay in Summerville, SC

Nothing is more stressful and heartbreaking for parents than a child in the hospital, but it’s even worse when that child is an infant. Whether your baby is being newly admitted or has been in the NICU since birth, here are three ways to make the stay easier for both parents and child.

Make Accommodations

You will want to stay as nearby as possible when your baby is receiving infant hospital care in Summerville, SC. Many hospitals allow parents to have a room or camp out in the lobby, but renting a hotel room may be a better option if you have other children to accommodate.

Bring Comfort Objects

Does your baby have a special stuffed animal, blanket or pacifier? Ask hospital staff if you are allowed to keep comfort objects in your child’s room to make their stay easier.

Have a Feeding Plan

Feeding is an essential part of bonding that shouldn’t be interrupted when your baby is receiving infant hospital care in Summerville, SC. Work out a plan with hospital staff so you can breastfeed or give your infant a bottle several times each day.

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