Top 3 Reasons to Hire A Virtual Sales Coach

In the past year, businesses of all sizes and across all industries have made significant changes to the way they operate. One of the most significant changes is moving from person-to-person interactions around sales to completing 100% of their sales remotely.

Trends in Sales

This change was spurred on by the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is a trend that has been gaining in popularity for years. Very few companies still use traditional sales techniques such as cold calling opting instead to rely on online networking, CRM systems, emailing and “warm” calls to connect their sales reps with the person in charge of making purchasing decisions.

This trend has also led to an increase in demand for virtual sales coach services. These sales coaches are highly trained and experienced sales professionals who know how to provide effective online coaching for sales managers, sales representatives, or entire sales departments.

Hiring a Remote Sales Coach

There are several reasons hiring a virtual sales coach is a great option for a company. These include:

• Cost savings – hiring a virtual sales coach saves the cost of bringing in a coach to speak to the team. These savings allow businesses to hire the best coach on the market to teach their sales teams.

• Personalized support – hiring a top sales coach allows the companies to personalize the coaching process for managers and team members alike. One-on-one or group coaching is highly effective in making positive changes in sales practices.

• Scheduling flexibility – using a virtual coaching model provides the most flexibility for any company. There are fewer restrictions on when coaching sessions can be held, making it easier for both the coach and the sales professional.

Finding the top sales coach is always important. Look for coaches who are recognized as certified virtual presenters for the best experience.
Doug Dvorak, CEO of The Sales Coaching Institute, holds the prestigious Certified Virtual Presenter designation from eSpeakers. The institute’s virtual sales training presentations are authentic and exciting and specifically designed to help your sales team hit their key sales goals.