How to Prevent Identity Theft with Banking Tools

One of the biggest mistakes that banking customers make is to leave their identities unmonitored. Banking tools today offer a myriad of options to keep track of your banking records, from mobile tools to 24-hour online access. This is how to avoid identity fraud and make sure that your money is protected. As long as you take advantage of the tools offered, you’ll be much safer.

1. Use Your Phone

One of the beautiful parts of having a mobile device is the ability to always keep on top of what’s happening in real time. This is where online mobile banking comes in. While you don’t necessarily have to check your account multiple times per day, banking on the go ensures that if you notice your balance seems low, you can immediately access recent transactions to check in. Should your account be compromised, instead of being stuck on the phone at midnight, you can walk into a branch during the day with the record in hand to receive immediate assistance. Vigilance is essential to keep your accounts safe.

2. Use a Local Bank

One of the biggest problems when it comes to identity theft is the lack of customer service in large corporate banks. In fact, Bankrate recommends the first step to combat identity theft is to contact your bank. This can be avoided by taking your business to smaller community banks that cater to individual customers and where you can always get someone on the phone or in person. Most local community banks today offer the same banking tools as the big banks, though, so there’s no reason to turn to the faceless conglomerates. Good communication and reliable customer service is also key to maintaining the security of your money and bank account.

Prevention is more important than how you handle a problem once it arises. Using the full breadth of banking tools to monitor your accounts at all times will ensure that you don’t miss any details that could indicate foul play.

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