How to Spot the Differences between Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Giving the perfect princess cut diamond engagement ring is a big part of making your special day more memorable. You and your potentially betrothed probably do not want to fuss with low quality jewelry or a ring that doesn’t suit your style. Being able to spot all the differences between various pieces is important when it comes to finding exactly what you want. First, you will need to understand the subtle nuances of each available choice.

Consider the Metal Composition of Popular Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Today’s trendiest princess cut diamond engagement rings come in a variety of different metals. Picking out the perfect one should be a matter of need as well as taste. Keep in mind that some jewelry metals are stronger and last longer than others. Among the choices you will most likely find metals such as:

1. Yellow Gold
2. Rose Gold
3. White Gold
4. Titanium
5. Platinum
6. Sterling Silver
7. Tungsten

Talk to your jeweler about the specific properties of each of these metals so that you can find one that fits your idea of the perfect ring.

Take a Look at the Stone Quality

The amount of money you end up spending on certain princess cut diamond engagement rings depends heavily on the quality of the jewels within the piece. Each jeweler will have its own diamond dealer as well, which will greatly affect the cost and quality of the diamonds in the ring. When trying to differentiate between one diamond ring and another, ask your jeweler to specify the diamond’s grade, color, and clarity. This will give you a good idea as to whether or not you are getting a good deal on your purchase.

Decipher the Detailing

There are a number of different designs in regards of popular princess cut diamond engagement rings. While some people choose rings with detailing that is reminiscent of vintage styles, others wish to own a piece that is far more modern. Such intricate detailing often involves things such as:

1. Filigree
2. Etchings
3. Carvings
4. Unique aesthetic choices by the designer

Take a moment to really consider the details of your chosen rings, and ask yourself if the style is something like what you have been wanting. Often, a jeweler can customize a ring to suit your individual needs, so just ask.

Calculate the Total Weight of Your Favorite Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Now that you have narrowed down your search and have determined exactly what you can do in terms of personalizing your favorite princess cut diamond engagement rings, it is time to get down to business. The total weight of your chosen pieces will also become a determining factor in the cost and appeal of your ring. Pay attention to more than just what the center stone weighs, requesting instead full disclosure on the total carat weight of the entire piece. Remember that the best ring is not always the biggest, but it is always the one that is given with the heart.

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