Manage your auto repair or quick lube shop with detailed oil change software

by | Mar 17, 2015 | Business Services

Being in the quick lube industry means you have to be organized and exceptionally efficient to get your customers in and out as quick as possible. By using state of the art software for your point of sale services, you can easily manage a wide range of details on your customers and employees. Stay ahead of your competition and at the top of your game with speed enhancing software.

Help your employees move faster

Greet your customers, assess their needs and get them taken care of in record time by using custom oil change software. Quick lube businesses pride themselves on being as fast as possible while still getting the job done at a high standard. Help cut time off the customer’s wait by having a thorough and organized ticket screen. Keep track of discounts, vehicle information, diagrams and other important tips on individual vehicles or specific orders as you need; all at the touch of your fingertips. This extended service screen can be viewed on handheld tablets or smartphones to help your employees move faster.

Establish loyalty and discount programs

Everyone loves to save money, and clients want to frequent a business that offers discounts and loyalty savings plans. Consider setting up fixed price gift cards or assorted packages for new and existing clients. Having real-time marketing software at your call can go a long way in creating your own successful and enticing loyalty program to keep your customers pleased. For customers who may have to sit in a waiting room for an extended period of time, you can even opt to add an online store to your kiosk and other monitors to display goods your customers can add to their purchase.

Manage your inventory and other areas

Keep track of the inventory in your shop or chain of garages with the touch of a button. If the inventory runs low, you can set the software to order new parts automatically in bulk or adjusted quantities from suppliers or shift them over from your other nearby chains. Rely on powerful and real-time reporting to keep you in the loop of finances and customer satisfaction, even if you are unable to be at your business in person. This is a great option for chain store owners who manage multiple locations or corporate satellites across the country.

When you want to stay ahead of the competition in speed and efficiency, consider the oil change software from eGenuity Automotive Solutions!

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