How to Tell If Hand-Held Wet Saws Are the Best Choice

Unless you are a contractor, the thought of undertaking a tiling project on your own may seem overwhelming. Decisions about what tools to use just to cut your tiles may be enough to deter you from even venturing the first step. Whether to use a power cutter like a Dewalt hand held wet saw or to manually cut your tiles requires consideration of the task at hand, type of materials, and pros and cons of the various methods.

Grinders Versus Cutters

Using angle grinders to cut tile creates a lot of dust, but it is the easiest way to cut through mounted wall tiles. You can also use an angle grinder to cut triangles, rectangles, and other designs out of a piece of tile. Grinders require you to score the tile, and often, you must make several cuts to get through the full thickness.

Manual Tile Cutters Versus Power Tools

While you may think power tools are easier to use than manual cutters when working with tile, this is not necessarily the case. Manual tile cutters take more time, but they also require less expertise and provide a better fit for frugal budgets. If you are using ceramic tiles, manual cutters are ideal for precision. Their biggest disadvantages are working with harder materials and maneuvering in tight spaces.

Do You Need a Tile Cutter?

If you have a small job where you only need to cut two or three tiles, you can save money by using a glass cutter. You do not cut completely through your tile, but rather score it deeply and break it along your lines. You must smooth all the edges. Another cutting tool you can use if you do not have a tile cutter is a carbide-tipped pencil. Carbide increases the cutting speed and material hardness of steel.

Wet Saws

Wet tile saws use water-cooled diamond blades to enable you to cut through the toughest materials such as granite, marble, and porcelain. The ease with which wet saws cut through tile allows you to create special openings for AC plug-ins, for example, and beveled edges. Hand held wet saws, in particular, help you maneuver in small areas and cut down on the number of trips from cutting to laying tiles. Due to additional safety and handling considerations, wet saws often perform more efficiently in the hands of professional contractors.