2 Popular Models of Rubi Manual Tile Cutters Used by Professionals in MN

Rubi is one of the leading manufacturers of manual tile cutting products and equipment. They have been offering their tile cutting expertise since 1951. Initially, their first model of tile cutters was used as a solution to cement tile cutting. Today, they offer a vast array of products that include innovative tile cutters, scoring wheels, tile saws, and more. Perhaps you own and operate a tile installation business and are wondering about the types of tile cutter this manufacturer offers. Here are 2 popular Rubi tile cutter models that are being used by professional tile setters, like yourself.

Rubi TX-MAX Professional

This particular model of tile cutter by Rubi is one of their most popular pieces of equipment sought-after by professional tile installers and setters. This piece of innovative equipment can be used to cut several types of ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles (Bla-Ala), and extruded stoneware tiles (Alb). It offers the user the ability to make 0 degrees to 45-degree angular cuts and has a separator power of 1,200 kilograms.

Rubi TQ

When it comes to looking for something more compact without sacrificing quality or precision, then the Rubi TQ is another popular manual tile cutter sought-after by professionals and DIY enthusiasts. This particular model offers a system of self-adjustable bearings with a magnet system. The TQ model is suitable for cutting porcelain stoneware (AIa / BIa), enameled stoneware (BIIa), and INTENSIVE tile (BIII). It has a separator power of 800 kilograms and provides a cutting height of five to fifteen millimeters.

Top Quality Manual Tile Cutters

These are only to mention the 2 most popular types of Rubi tile cutter models used by professionals in the tile installation industry. These top-quality manual cutters are suitable for any project, large or small.