How To Use Chia Seeds

If you are unaware of it, it is time to become informed. If you decide to buy chia seeds, you are not a mere participant in a trend. You are joining those who understand the importance of this plant. You are becoming a part of the natural, organic food movement that understands that Chia seeds rank as being among the healthiest foods today. You realize how significant the nutrients found in this tiny seed and how much they can contribute to your maintaining a healthy body.

How to Enjoy Chia Seeds

Yet, although you may well be are of the power of them, once you buy chia seeds, how can you best enjoy them? In fact, there are any number of ways you can use them.

1. Topping: Chia seeds are an excellent sprinkle. These small energy boosters can be sprinkled over any dessert or cereal. Sprinkle them on top of salads for an extra taste dimension or over soups.

2. Smoothies: When you soak chia seeds in any liquid, it becomes a gel. This gel makes it an excellent addition to a smoothie. Combine with milk, almond milk, coconut milk or juices to make a thirst-quenching and filling drink. You can sweeten it with coconut sugar if you like.

3. Additives: For the right kind of additive, buy chia seeds and mix them into your yogurt. You can also add them to salad dressings

4. Bake: When you are in the mood to bake, add something extra to the batter. Stir in a handful or more of chia seeds to cakes, muffins, tarts or even bread. It will all come out tasting good.

5. Egg Substitute: The gel that is created when ground chia seeds meet water can be used as an egg substitute. It is perfect for those who are vegans

6. Thickener: Chia seeds can be used to thicken gravies instead of flour

7. Cereals: While you can sprinkle chia seeds over your cereal, you can also make it into a type of porridge by combining chia seeds with milk. Top with fruit or raisins for additional flavor

8. Puddings: Take your puddings to the next healthy level by using chia as a major ingredient. Online you will find several recipes that can help you create a nutritious but tasty dessert

Why Buy Chia Seeds

When you buy Chia seeds, you will discover there are a myriad of ways you can incorporate them into your diet. Since the seeds do not have an overwhelming, heavy or sharply distinguishable taste, they can be easily employed in the creation of other dishes. Raw, soaked in juice, milk or water, they can make their ways into your mouth and heart in a variety of ways. Try them as toppings, part of a smoothie or in your baked goods. Whatever your preference, you will quickly discover that when you buy Chia seeds, you are purchasing possibilities and potential.

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