What Not to Do When You Need a Drain Cleaning

When you have a drain clog, your first inclination may be to try to remedy the problem yourself. Unfortunately, without the proper training and industry tools, you could end up damaging your drain pipes and costing yourself large sums of money in the long run. Hiring a professional drain cleaning service is recommended for a few critical reasons.

Home Remedies
You may have been advised to use home remedies to clear your drains, such as warm water and vinegar. However, you should avoid putting hot water and vinegar down the drain because even though it could temporarily disintegrate the debris that has built up inside your drain, this concoction can also damage your home’s pipes. You never really know the type of chemical reaction that may result from mixing vinegar with the different chemicals that might be blocked in a drain pipe.

Store-bought Products
When you have a drain clog, you may also be persuaded to use a commercial product for your drain cleaning. Minneapolis drain and sewer cleaning companies, however, will tell you that the drain cleaning liquids or gels you can get at the grocery store may be successful on some drains while not on others. They may slightly help a drain that is not totally clogged, at least for one day or two days, but they won’t address the real clog problem. A professional, on the other hand, has the proper equipment to deal with the issue permanently.

Homeowners also may consider trying to snake their drains themselves if they come across a stubborn drain clog. This process of removing debris from your plumbing can actually be extremely dangerous. Drain snakes are made from a steel cable. If this cable coils incorrectly, it can end up snapping and cutting anything in its vicinity – that includes you. You can therefore end up hurting both yourself and damaging your home’s plumbing.

Pluming professionals work with this type of equipment each day and understand how to safely use it without causing these issues. A reputable company will get the job done correctly the first time and will usually prevent your problem clog from happening again in the near future.

Drain King Inc. can help you eradicate troublesome drain clogs. If you find yourself with a plumbing emergency, the most important thing is to call Drain King right away. We are available 24/7 service emergencies.

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