How Utility Management Services Make Life Easy

Property owners and managers, both for multifamily buildings and manufactured housing communities as well as for commercial properties, have a lot of things on their plate. This is a time consuming and demanding job where attention to details and top customer service is critical to long-term tenant retention.

Providing tenants with their own submeters to allow for individual control over water use and bill payment is one aspect of top customer service. However, this can also mean a lot more work for the property managers and owners unless they are using utility management services.

What is Offered

When considering utility management services, look at the specifics of what the company is able to provide. The best companies will be able to assist in planning the installation, providing the correct meters for the job, ensuring regulatory compliance and also providing automated meter reading and treatment solutions for the water.

Ideally, the company should also be able to assist the property owner and the tenants in developing a water conservation strategy that can be implemented easily and effectively.

Billing and Remittance Management

By having the utility management services handle the billing and remittance tasks for a submetered system, the property manager and owner do not have to take on any additional tasks.

This provides a simple option to upgrade the system without increasing the workload. Look for utility management companies that provide tenants with a simple online bill payment process using a variety of payment methods. Not only does this reduce the cost of the service but it also streamlines payments for tenants, making it more efficient and reducing issues with late payments.

By working with a professional, experienced utility management company, life can become easier as a property manager and owner. The more the company is able to offer, the more efficient the service will be.