Importance of the Right Water Meter Fittings

Pure, clean potable water is one of the most valuable resources on the planet. People who live in areas with droughts or shortages realize its value. Those who have not yet suffered restriction may not fully understand the need to preserve water actively and avoid waste whenever possible. Those who draw their water from private wells are not subject to the utility billing of those being served by public water supply systems. When additional monetary charges apply for over-consumption of water, people are more likely to curb excessive use. Determining water usage is accomplished through the use of a metering system. It is vital the meter is installed properly and that the appropriate water meter fittings are used for accurate readings and to avoid leakage

Benefits of Water Meter Installation

Installing a water meter is necessary for gaining an accurate accounting for actual water usage. This also provides a means for detecting any leaks which may go unnoticed so a greater effort can be made towards conservation of water as a valuable resource. In addition, it can help when monitoring usage to find peak usage periods and to determine better methods of reducing water consumption for businesses.

Meter Maintenance is Required

In order to ensure that your water meter is operating properly, it is important to check the fittings routinely. As with any machinery or equipment, water meter fittings are subject to wear and the need for replacement. When water meter parts are in need of replacement, simply making the switch may not be adequate for ensuring metering accuracy. It is important to make certain that the meter is properly calibrated.

Consequences of Damaged or Improper Water Meter Fittings

Use of water meter fittings which are not a perfect fit can cause the meter to either not work at all or to give inaccurate readings. This can lead to a variety of different problems. Make sure that any replacement parts including fittings are those which are required by the specifications for the brand and type of meter that is in place. You can learn more about how you or your company can benefit from the use of water meters by contacting ABT Water Management. ABT Water Management provides useful and valuable information about innovations which are designed to help individuals and businesses find the best ways to monitor water consumption, reduce usage amounts and save money in the process.

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