The Need for Routine Eye Care in Colorado Springs, CO

When money is tight, you may find that certain routine tasks need to be set aside temporarily. Although your plan is to add these tasks back into your schedule when funds are available, often people forget to do so. One task you should never neglect is routine eye care in Colorado Springs CO. Many individuals assume an eye exam is only designed to detect vision problems and provide prescriptions for glasses or contacts. The exam does much more than this, however, which is why it should be done routinely.

When the eye care doctor performs his or her exam, he or she is looking for diseases of the eye. While most people assume cataracts and glaucoma come with age, they can actually strike at any time, although they are less commonly seen in children. In addition, the doctor looks to see if the eyes are working together and also if there are any signs of problems with the patient’s overall health. A routine eye exam should be performed every year for this reason.

Routine exams are particularly important in children, as problems with the eyes can lead to learning difficulties. Vision problems can creep up slowly, preventing the child from realizing there is an issue. In addition, many children have vision problems from a young age. Therefore, they are unable to know exactly how things should look. They have grown accustomed to the distorted appearance and think this is normal. The eye exam allows the doctor to detect these types of problems and offer vision correction aids, allowing the child to see as nature intended.

Often, an individual will assume a vision screening is enough when it comes to Eye Care in Colorado Springs CO. Vision screenings may be conducted in a variety of settings. Examples include the vision screening one undergoes when renewing their driver’s license or the vision screening done by a school nurse. In most cases, however, the screening is very brief and only looks at certain aspects of eye health. For this reason, one needs to see a doctor to have a complete exam. Once the exam is complete, the ophthalmologist or optometrist makes recommendations on treatment, if any is needed.

Don’t delay. Your vision is too precious to leave to chance. Schedule a comprehensive eye exam today to know your eyes are being properly cared for.

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