Improve Central Air Conditioning with Regular Filter Changes

For an air conditioning (AC) system to properly treat air, indoor air must first pass through a filter to remove unwanted particulates such as allergens, dust, debris, and mold. A dirty filter can compromise the functionality of the AC system, shorten its useful life, and increase energy bills. To keep this from happening, a home owner should change filters once every three months. The following details will help enhance central air conditioning.

The filter compartment of an AC system is usually located in the return air duct. In some units, it can be around the furnace. If a person can’t identify the return air duct, he or she can put their hand in front of air ducts until finding the one that seems to be pulling air in, instead of blowing air out. This is the return air duct. The cover to the return air duct should be removed. Fasteners may hold this in place. Place these and the cover to the side. The filter should be slowly removed from the compartment. When it’s set in grooves, a person may have to maneuver it a bit. This should be done carefully so dust and toxins won’t fly into the surrounding air.

A filter can either be disposable or reusable. A disposable filter is typically made of cardboard. A basic disposable filter costs about $2 to $3. It’s a good idea to put a dirty filter in a plastic bag and set it outside until it’s taken away. A reusable filter can be made of many materials, including metal and fiberglass. A basic reusable filter costs in the range of $7 to $9. This type of filter should be cleaned outside using a vacuum to remove a majority of the substances on it. This can be followed by using an old cloth to clean it with dish soap. The filter should be rinsed with warm water.

Improving the quality of central air conditioning starts with basic maintenance. Part of this upkeep is changing filters regularly. For more information on AC services, talk to an expert at Horizon Services or visit website. This company can handle residential and commercial AC services.

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