The Advantages of Single Wide Mobile Homes in Reno, NV

by | Nov 23, 2015 | Real Estate

When it comes to mobile homes, individuals now find they have numerous options. Consumers are no longer limited to single wide homes, as double wide and triple wide versions are available. Many, however, turn to single wide mobile homes in Reno, NV when the time comes to buy a home, as there are numerous advantages to doing so. Following are some to consider when the time comes to purchase.

Individuals find Single Wide Mobile Homes in Reno, NV are the cheapest way to purchase a home. Double and triple wide versions cost more, although they do still cost less than traditional homes. For those who find their funds are limited, yet wish to buy, a single wide mobile home remains the best option. A larger model can easily be purchased in the future, as the person’s needs change.

Heating and cooling a single wide trailer is very inexpensive when compared to heating a traditional home or larger mobile homes. There is less space, helping to keep costs down, and smaller units are needed for climate control. This helps to reduce the overall cost of home ownership, a concern for many, and the same is true of maintenance costs.

A mobile home comes with fewer maintenance costs. The square footage is smaller, thus one doesn’t spend as much for repairs or upkeep. A good example of this is the roof. If the roof must be replaced, fewer shingles are needed, so the homeowner doesn’t pay as much.

A mobile home in Nevada, unless it has been converted to real property, is considered a vehicle and is taxed at the personal property tax rate. Homeowners find they pay less in taxes as a result. This definitely helps to keep the cost of owning a home down.

These are only a few of the many benefits associated with single wide mobile homes. Speak to a current owner of one of these residences and many others will be discovered. There is a reason why this housing option remains popular today.

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