Improve Postal Accuracy and Mail Efficiency with CASS Certified Software Solutions

Accuracy and polished perfection lie at the heart of every effective mail postal service. The software that helps to support postal activities plays a valuable role in coordinating mail and transmitting parcels, letters and packages punctually throughout the globe. The purpose of CASS is to correct addresses accordingly, so that all mail is transmitted to the intended destination within the ideal time frame. CASS certified software solutions can commit to the accuracy and precision that every postal service aspires for.

What Is CASS?

By definition, CASS stands for coding accuracy support system. Essentially, this system enables the postal service to screen every address using this matching and correction software for accuracy and precision.

In some cases, the postal service is required to renew its CASS certification on an annual basis to ensure it complies with the latest technological criteria. The purpose of this certification is to evaluate the accuracy of the address correcting software.

What Does CASS software Do?

The purpose of CASS software is to standardize postal address information by including missing data and ensuring address completion. This software can also improve mail efficiency by determining if an address is valid or verified. Overall, this level of standardization can be seen in all aspects of the postal service as CASS-certified software solutions record addresses identically in all interfaces.

Why CASS-Certified Software Is Best

As discussed, CASS-certified software is equipped with the faculties necessary to correct, match and complete addresses with precision. The uncertified software is far more susceptible to error in most cases.

There are, of course, many other benefits to using CASS certified software solutions. Incorrect addresses actually cost the post service a significant amount of money over time. The use of certified software saves money, increases efficiency, and bolsters communication in the process. CASS-certified software bolsters savings by identifying non-deliverable mail and inaccurate addresses before it is too late. Hence, by rectifying these issues before mail is in transit, CASS software reduces monetary expenditure.

This software is also designed to enhance communications. The beauty of this software is that it can screen address accuracy in real time, even as mail is being processed in some cases. This can increase postal savings while streamlining communications to the customers in a direct and punctual fashion. When mail is transmitted with accuracy and speed, it even enhances the success of marketing campaigns as well.

How it Works

Perhaps you are wondering how CASS-certified software operates within the scope of the portal service. To answer this question, it relies on processes known as delivery point validation, auxiliary file processing, and real-time accuracy screenings to achieve the desired results and to systematize the world of mail delivery. Therefore, it is in the best interest of all postal companies to invest in this software.

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