Improving Home Health Care Services

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Healthcare

As America moves into the 21st century, those over 65 are beginning to outnumber the younger generations. Americans now live longer; however, a number of ailments including diabetes and dementia increasingly beset them. Research also notes that increasingly the elderly are opting for their residential preference. Even if they become more frail and incapacitated, they want to stay at home. While home health care services fill the gap, it is obvious the current models are open to improvements.

Major Area of Concern

Health care systems need to ensure older Americans can live with dignity and independence no matter what their illness may be. Currently, the medical system does not supply affordable care for everyone, let alone economically feasible home-based health care. Yet, this is what an overwhelming percentage of elderly and pre-elderly want and will need if they fulfill their expectations of staying in their own residences.

Affordability has always been an issue within the American health care system. This is currently a reflection of party politics and the inability of all parties to unite in a singular cause. The result is some individuals can fulfill their desire of receiving quality home health care while others cannot.

Home Health Care Services

Researchers refer to the “graying of the American population.” They look to this inevitability as an impetus to focusing on home-based models. They see improvements possible if the system and all parties unite to

  1. Improve the quality and satisfaction of care
  2. Better the health of all populations in America
  3. Reduce the cost of health care services per capita

All will result in a shift to a better form of health care and, one that focuses on the individual and his/her needs. This, in turn, will improve and include other types that need to work with and in the system. This can create a viable and inclusive home health care services model in communities across the nation.

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