In Search Of The Perfect Beverage Carrier

When you visit the grocery store or your local convenience store, you probably think very little of the six pack or four pack container of your favorite beverage you wish to purchase. However, the beverage carrier has come a long ways over the years and here is a look at the past, and some of the latest technologies for drink carriers.

Defining the Beverage Carrier
When we speak of beverage or drink carriers, we are not speaking of vessels or containers. Instead we are focusing on a method of packing so multiple containers can be carried at one time.

Thousands of years ago, man fashioned simple carriers out of rope. This was necessary to secure containers of water or wine to a horse or other beast of burden. Although this may seem crude by today’s standards, it was very effective and considered to be high tech for the day.

Over the centuries the beverage carrier did not evolve much. For one thing, most beverages were produced in single vessels and would be placed inside packs or crude containers to be shipped. For example, bottles of wine would be placed inside wooden crates and then loaded on ships or other vessels of transportation. It was not until the 20th Century when beverage carrying began to drastically change, and make some major improvements.

Coca Cola
In the early 1920s, Coca Cola came out with an innovative way to sell their drinks. No longer did customers have to buy Coke in single bottles. They could purchase 6 single serving bottles inside a cardboard carton. This was an excellent strategy to get more products in the hands of the consumers.
In addition, the carton was designed to easily fit inside a refrigerator or ice box, so people could enjoy their soft drinks ice cold. Although the concept was not an immediate success, it eventually caught on big time.

The 60s
In the 1960s, plastics were making great advances, and the plastic 6 pack ring hit the market. However, this kind of beverage holder was not considered to be eco friendly and could not be recycled back then.

Thanks to modern applications like high density polyethylene HDPE), sturdy and reliable beverage holders are finding all kinds of uses for twin packs, 4 packs, 6 packs, and many applications. HDPE is extremely strong and will not break under stress. In addition, it can be completely recycled so when you use these types of products you are making the planet a little better place to live.

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