Install a Home Security Alarm In Des Moines, IA to Discourage Intruders

Homeowners are increasingly concerned about home invasions and residential burglaries. Elderly homeowners are often targeted by home invasion gangs. Mothers who are home alone with their children, while their husband travels or works late are also vulnerable. They may become so fearful that they are afraid to answer the door. A Home Security Alarm In Des Moines IA will make them safer and help them relax.

They should call a licensed locksmith company to assess their property and make recommendations. The first thing every homeowner should do is make sure there are substantial locks on all of the windows, doors and bulkheads that would allow a person to enter the home. Often the door between the garage and the home is a weak spot. It usually has flimsy locks because people assume that the garage door will always be shut. Often family members forget to shut it and intruders can compromise the garage door lock.

Once the home entry points are secure, the Home Security Alarm In Des Moines IA company will install alarms on all of these points. If sensors pick-up the vibrations of someone attempting to pry them open, an alarm will sound. Often this is enough to scare off a burglar. The homeowner can also opt for it to transmit an automatic message to the alarm company. If the customer doesn’t answer the phone, the company notifies police that there is a problem. If a panicked homeowner answers the phone and says someone is breaking in, the alarm company will stay on the line with them and notify the police.

Surveillance cameras are often integrated into a home alarm system. If the front door bell rings, elderly homeowners can just look at a monitor in their living room to see who it is. A porch light can be programmed to come on as soon as someone steps on the porch. There can also be an intercom so that they can speak to the person without opening the door. If they feel threatened and the person is being aggressive, they can call the police from the safety of their home. They no longer have to be worried about being overpowered at their front door. Visit our Website for more information.

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